Sunday, March 18, 2007

Name the nudist! A contest of sorts!

I have recently been referring to the little man doll in progress as my "knitted nudist" or as my "little nude man." However, I would say any man (and especially one who will have so much work put into his creation as this fellow) deserves to be called something other than a collection of adjectives. And a little knitted man perhaps more so, because he has less control over his myriad appellations, being unable to protest, so it is important that we, in his society, respect him for who he is, and not judge him for being made out of cotton, clay and wire as opposed to flesh, bone and blood.

I am afraid I am guilty of the crime of calling him by a series of adjectives, partially because he is incomplete, and partially because I originally felt that his name would come to me, in the way that a name just fits a person, once I had finished creating him. And then there is the fact that it is easier to name the little fellow with adjectives, since, for me, choosing names requires a great deal of research (or creative effort, if I invent the name). But I will stand for it no longer.

And here is where you come in: I am opening up the naming process to anyone who reads this. Suggestions should be given in the most serious of spirits - names like Guy, Fitzwilliam or Woody, while they once had their time, simply sound ridiculous on the modern tongue - and a baby naming book (or website) might be a good place to begin. (Names like "Nudie Man," "Captain Nekkid" and "Mister No-Pants" will also be rejected flat-out.) I should add that I can give no guarantee of accepting any name you suggest, although every submission will be considered carefully, and if I do choose the name you pick, there will be a prize. (I haven't decided on what the prize will be yet, but the winner and I can be in dialogue on the subject.) For the particularly enthusiastic, you can submit up to three names. Foreign names or names of your own invention are also welcome, and they will not be weighted as better or worse than others. All names should be put in the comments to this post.

The contest will last as long as the little man remains unfinished. In other words, once I declare the little gentleman complete, I will choose a name, either from your suggestions or from my own resources. And so, let the game begin!

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