Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rose Green

I thought knitting a hat would be a perfect project for me - I have long gaps during my school day (roughly four hours off every day), and, without much homework to occupy me, I have been bored. A hat would be small and portable, with enough detail and shaping to keep my mind and hands busy during my breaks. So the hat my sister commissioned was perfect. I found an egyptian cotton DK-weight yarn in a lovely sagey-olivey green color, and knit through enough increases at home that I could manage the project on magic loop, rather than dpns, while I was at school. But the plan worked too well. I finished the hat in one day.

While I was working on it, it fulfilled everything I wanted from it: there was lace, there were cables, and I could see them develop and grow and blossom, which provided a high level of interest. It kept my hands occupied very effectively, and I thought about it during classes, when I put it down. The yarn felt great in my hands, and knit up into a soft, loose fabric. And it was small enough that it fit nicely into my schoolbag. The biggest problem is that it didn't last.

Rose Green, originally uploaded by rubychan4.

My camera is completely inadequate to capture this color - it's a very vibrant, saturated green.