Friday, May 15, 2009

Well you'd never believe it just by reading this blog,

but I have actually been doing lots of knitting. (Lots!!) I made the Bed Jacket I mentioned before, and when I had the border sewn on, it didn't fit. The two border pieces barely touched, let alone wrapped around me. The way the sizing is done, it jumps from a 34" bust to a 39. I'm a 36, and I didn't want it to be baggy, so I went with the 34. Thinking back, that was a pretty stupid move, since a wrap sweater should be big so it wraps. Sigh. Anyway, it is currently looking for a home - my sister or her friends might want it. I hope they do, because if not, I don't know who it could go to.

I mentioned a Sahara way back a couple years ago, when I was first making the white one. This yarn was harvested from an old Gap duster, and originally intended to make Holly, from MagKnits-that-was, but I got bored with the project and decided to make a Sahara. I found out right about the time I was nearing the armholes that my gauge was too big, so I set it aside and made it in white. I came back to it a few months later in the right gauge, but I was a little overzealous with the waist shaping, and it didn't fit. And then I rescued it just a few weeks ago, re-did the whole waist shaping area, and now all it needs is the seams around the neckline. I'm terrible with photographing my knits, but there will be pictures soon.

There was also a project about a year ago. I like my modified Blaze a lot, and wear it pretty frequently, but I wanted to revisit the pattern and add some more mods. I used Red Heart Soft in this nice teal color, and made it sit lower on my hips and included waist shaping. (I'm not a fan of Red Heart, mostly because I think their Super Saver yarn is crappy, but I think Soft really redeems them. It's acrylic, but it's soft, and knits up really nicely. Plus it comes in great colors.) I stopped somewhere around the armholes, mostly out of ennui, but I also rescued this in the past month or so. I decided to make the sleeves bell out, with that same cable from my first Blaze, and make them full-length to make it a bit more versatile. I got from about the cuff to the elbow on a sleeve before getting tired of it and moving on.

And then, because the Bed Jacket was such a disappointment, I started making Vivian. I am using Berocco Comfort Chunky in a chocolatey brown color, and I am really loving this yarn. It's an acrylic-nylon blend that's just a little splitty (more so if you knit and rip and re-knit) and it feels like a dream, all buttery soft and perfect. Just knitting it makes my hands feel happy. It's a great feeling. So far, I've got the whole thing done, and I'm a couple inches into working the hood. This project has really breezed by, and has totally made up for the sadness that the Bed Jacket didn't work out.