Sunday, September 14, 2008


Giselle is finished and I am in the process of weaving in ends now. I am a little worried about it, because it is knit completely in stockinette and the crochet doesn't seem to be stopping it from curling. I'm hoping that gets better with blocking. It's a little too small, mostly because I used needles a size too small rather than go out and buy new ones, and when I tried to compensate by knitting looser, I just made my knitting really uneven. Which will also get better in blocking. I hope.

Somewhere in the middle of knitting the sleeve flares, I realized that they are huge. On, they reach about to my wrist at the lowest point. I guess they didn't look so big in the pictures, but, impractical as they are, I like them. I wanted romantic and dramatic, and that's exactly what I got.

Giselle: hot off the needles, originally uploaded by rubychan4.

And after Giselle, the obvious question is what next? The boy sweater is now officially done. I buckled down and finished those little seams, and now it is waiting for a good blocking and some buttons. I still want to knit Print 'O the Wave, but I got side tracked. I broke down and bought a color card for KnitPicks' Shadow, and the color I liked on the internet looked terrible in person, so I am now trying to settle on a color.

Meanwhile, I had always had my eye on Butterfly, ever since I saw Eunny's. I looked into knitting it a long time ago, but the idea of spending roughly $20 for a magazine that I would only use for one pattern just didn't seem worth it. Well I recently stumbled across a book on Knit Picks that has the same pattern. It's roughly the same financial situation, but there's a chance I might knit other things from the same book. And anyway, if I still want to knit it three years later, it's worth knitting.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

4000+ words

Knitting: Finished!, originally uploaded by rubychan4.

Goddess: Front, originally uploaded by rubychan4.

Goddess: Weird Gapey Armhole, originally uploaded by rubychan4.

Goddess: Back, originally uploaded by rubychan4.

I took pictures. During daylight. Something must be wrong.