Wednesday, December 12, 2007

When I started Goddess,

it was with no concrete ideas in terms of the rules I mentioned - mostly because I thought the project itself would slowly present itself with clear segments. Like after a set of short rows, or shaping, or a change in needles. Well, it seems this was a mistake, in its way: with no stopping points, I knit right up to the bottom of the front section.

Goddess - The Front, originally uploaded by rubychan4.

That's about two balls of yarn knit on size US 4 straights (about thirteen inches long!) that any granny would be proud to own.

Well, after all that knitting on Goddess, I could no longer ignore my job application, so I finished it. A few ends still need to be woven in, but it's finished.

And then I started on the back. This is up to the bottom of the shoulder shaping.

Goddess - The Back, originally uploaded by rubychan4.

This picture is closest to the actual color.

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