Thursday, January 18, 2007

I created a new blog,

not because the world needs yet another voice in blogland, but because my memory is not the best and it's nice to have something to look back on.

I finally started working on the border of my mom's vest last night. I started this vest in June and if the main knitting and seaming wasn't done in the same month, it was done by July. I designed it myself, with an existing vest of my mom's as a guideline, but I, stupidly, did not include a way to keep the plain stockinette from curling, so the thing curls in on itself at the top of the collar and the opening in the front. I started knitting a border for it a few months ago and started seaming it on at the same time, since I won't know if it's long enough until it's on, so this saves guesswork. The seaming part is always where I lose interest. I knit because I like the feeling of yarn and needles in my hands and being able to look at a piece of fabric and know: I made that. To me, everything that comes after is just time that could be better spent knitting something else. I get restless. Perhaps this is a trend.

Quote of the day: "Love wasn't just in the heart back then - it was in the intestines."

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